Originally posted on 10 Dec 2013
BIS has published a great paper for small businesses: Small business: GREAT ambition.  The UK is a great place to start a business – almost 500,000 new businesses were created last year. These small businesses make a huge contribution to the economy and generate around half of UK jobs. They have shown great resilience through the recession.Introduction – making it easier for you to grow your businessAround one fifth of small firms have told government they have big ambitions and are determined to expand. ‘Small business: GREAT ambition’ is the government’s commitment to making it easier for these ambitious small businesses to grow. It responds to feedback from small businesses about how government can help at different points in their growth journey by making it easier to:·       finance business growth
·       hire people
·       develop new ideas
·       break into new markets
·       find the right support at the right time
·       get on with doing businessThis is a summary of the government’s commitments which provides you with links to sources of information, support and advice that could help your business grow. To hear how other businesses have benefited from advice and support visit greatbusiness.gov.uk.The paper published on 7 December covers:·       Making it easier to finance business growth
·       Rebuilding a banking sector which works for small business
·       Helping you access non-bank lending and private equity
·       Tackling late payment
·       Cutting your taxes
·       Making it easier to hire people
·       Making it simpler and cheaper to employ people
·       Equipping the workforce with the right skills
·       Making it easier to develop new ideas
·       Helping you fund the development of your ideas
·       Accelerating innovation by connecting you to partners
·       Helping you protect your ideas
·       Making it easier to break into new markets
·       Opening up public procurement
·       Boosting your online presence
·       Providing export advice and support
·       Removing barriers in particular industries and markets
·       Making it easier to find the right support at the right time
·       Simplifying government support and making it easier to find
·       Stimulating private and third sector support
·       Making it easier to get on with doing business
·       Regulating only where necessary
·       Making it easier to comply
·       Giving you a way to challenge unhelpful enforcement


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