I’ve come across a few interesting stories for Lawyers.

Being mobile-friendly is a key part of good customer service.

Today, Guardian Professional said, here, that many businesses are neglecting the potential of mobile phones for connecting with their customers. The need for businesses to be mobile friendly is becoming more and more apparent. Making it quick and easy for consumers to be able to purchase your products and services via mobile devices provides businesses with a whole new way to generate sales and connect with customers. However, according to research by EPiServer, 80% of UK companies are still ignoring the mobile revolution.

If you are interested in connecting properly with your client, I suggest you read the article. You can read the full story on EziaNews here.

Wills should stand despite signature error, Supreme Court rules.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that a mix-up in signatures on mirror wills should not be allowed to disinherit a couple’s intended heir. The story was covered in the Law Society Gazette, here.

Giving judgment in the case of Marley v Rawlings and another, Lord Neuberger said that the wills of Maureen and Alfred Rawlings should be treated in the same way as a commercial contract in that an obvious oversight should not be allowed to invalidate the testators’ wishes.

You can read the full story on EziaNews here.

The Not OK Corral

This story reminded me of the case, some years ago, of a lawyer in Winnipeg Canada who was gunned down in his office and, sadly died.

A Colombian lawyer who last month survived a gun attack while visiting clients, is in London this week to mark the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2014. Human rights lawyer Rommel Duran Castellanos was shot at when visiting clients in a rural community near the town of Pitalito in the coffee-producing Huila region of Colombia. Duran represents poor communities in rural Colombia in cases of land restitution and environmental protection where global corporations, including mining companies, have abused their power. He and his colleagues have been threatened and assaulted by paramilitaries and other hired thugs, culminating in being shot at last month.

The Law Society Gazette article says that assassins have killed some 400 Colombian lawyers in the past 13 years.

The Day of the Endangered Lawyer aims to alert the international legal community to the hazardous conditions under which many lawyers work to ensure access to justice.

You can read the full story on EziaNews here.

New legislation reflects confidence in sector

Yesterday, Mortgage Finance Gazette reported that new legislation requiring all solicitors to have face to face meetings with clients during the advice process is a sign of confidence and quality service in the sector, according to the Equity Release Solicitor’s Alliance.

The increase in legal safeguards was introduced on January 1st and also requires customers to sign the solicitor’s certificate.

You can read the full story on EziaNews here.

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