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Do you need an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Are your employee’s as motivated as you believe? Your employees are the backbone of your business. If they feel they are poorly rewarded, feel they aren’t being listened to or they feel they are simply unable to do their job properly, the success of your business will suffer. An employee satisfaction survey can help you to stay on track with your employees and your business.

Many business owners don't realise the powerful connection between their employees' happiness and the success of their business. You can't have a successful business without happy, competent employees, so it makes sense to use an employee satisfaction survey to keep tabs on your employees' attitudes about their work and their workplace. High employee satisfaction levels can significantly reduce staff turnover.

Answer (honestly) the 20 questions below to discover some of the ways an employee satisfaction survey can benefit your business.

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Do your employees fully understand their roles in the business?


Do your employees feel as if they are adequately trained to do their jobs?


Do your employees feel as if the contribution they make actually makes a difference and really matters?


Do your employees fully understand what your customers (or clients if that’s a better description) want and need?


Are your employees completely happy about their working conditions?


Are your employees completely happy about their working conditions?


Do your employees think they are fairly rewarded for the work they do?


How do the employment benefits you provide stack up against your competition?


Do all of your employees have a positive attitude towards you (their employer)?


Would your employees recommend your firm to their friends and acquaintances as a great place to work?


Do your employees have the opportunity to feedback ideas on business improvement and increased customer satisfaction?


Are the communication channels at your firm open enough to encourage people to let you know how they feel?


Do you have difficulty in recruiting new people with the right attitude?


Do you want to know exactly how your employees feel about working for you?


Generally, are your employees satisfied with working for your company?


Do your employees get a clear sense of direction from the leaders of the business?


Do your employees have confidence in the strategy and management of the business?


Do your employees say they have too much work which causes stress?


Are your employees worried that there’s not enough work to do and the business could fail because of the recession?


Do employees think that they spend too much time at work to the detriment of their home life?


Are employees motivated and work together as a team?


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