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Entrepreneurial Skills

Numerous studies have been made of small business managers over the years. Many look at traits and characteristics that appear common to most people who start their own businesses. Other studies focus on characteristics that seem to appear frequently in successful owner-managers. The characteristics they share might almost be said to predispose a person into trying to start a business.

Fill in the questionnaire below to find out if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Read each question and click on one of the suggested answers. Respond by marking the answer that most accurately describes your behaviour, feeling or attitude as it actually is, not as you would like it to be, or think it should be.

Professor Milton

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1. Are You a Self-Starter?
2. How Do You Feel About Other People?
3. Can You Lead Others?
4. Can You Take Responsibility?
5. How Good An Organiser Are You?
6. How Good a Worker Are You?
7. Can You Make Decisions?
8. Can People Trust What You Say?
9. Can You Stick With It?
10. Can You Keep Records?


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