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Here is a simple test to help you judge how well you delegate. Simply answer whether you agree or disagree with each statement. Your results will be displayed below, and will give you a rough feeling for how well you are delegating at present.
Professor Milton

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1. The people working with me can act fully in my absence if necessary.
2. The majority of my work is composed of tasks that only I can do.
3. I have the time to talk to people about any work issues they may have for any length of time.
4. I am frequently interrupted by people asking me for decisions or guidance so that they can get on with their own work.
5. I am meeting all my deadlines without needing to do very long hours.
6. People around me sometimes feel I dump work on them.
7. If I were hospitalised tomorrow, someone would know how to pick up my work and get it done.
8. I frequently over-rule decisions that other people have made.
9. I often re-do tasks I have given to others.
10. I have problems getting people to take responsibility for a job or task.
11. I find that people often let me down and don’t meet the deadlines I have set them.
12. People often ask me if I need any help or if there is anything they can do for me.
13. People look interested and pleased when I approach them about taking on a task.
14. I have the time to plan my work and manage my own workload.
15. I invest time in training others.
16. I sometimes do jobs that someone else could do more quickly and easily.
17. I have the time to consider my work, and how things such as systems and processes could be improved.
18. I am good at setting objectives and letting people get on with the task.
19. I do work that is junior or routine, and that someone else on a lower salary could handle.
20. Everyone in my team have an equal workload.
21. I spend a lot time checking up on other people’s progress.
22. My standards are pretty much equal to those of people around me.
23. People are happy to admit to me when they have made a mistake.
24. I find that people follow my instructions properly.


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