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Culture Savvy

How culturally aware are you? Do you blunder through social and business situations wherever you're travelling, or do you appreciate the subtleties of business style in every country you visit? Answer the following questions to find out….

Professor Milton

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1. A British manager tells you that he/she finds your ideas 'interesting', but then suggests that there could also be 'other options' for consideration. He/she is telling you:
2. You want to impress Spanish contacts when you first meet them. Do you:
3. In Germany, which kind of presentation would be a success?
4. In China, if you hear the phrase 'it is not convenient' during a meeting, the meaning is likely to be:
5. You have arrived in Ireland, due to start negotiations the following day. Your counterpart invites you to the pub and encourages you to join him in a lengthy drinking session. Is he:
6. Which of the following represent typical values in the Singaporean workforce?
7. In France, what is the best way to establish credibility with your French counterparts?
8. Your Dutch suppliers want to get to know you better. Do they:
9. A meeting in Switzerland will:
10. When trying to persuade Americans:


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