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Body Language

Essentially, body language is a mixture of movement, posture and tone of voice. The study of nonverbal communication is similar to learning a foreign language in that it requires time and effort to achieve fluency.

A salesperson, for example, would be wise to monitor their prospect's body language and adjust their presentation accordingly. By reading their prospect's gestures they will minimize perceived sales pressure and know when it's appropriate to close the sale.

Acquiring this important communication skill will make you a more effective trainer, a stronger recruiter and a more persuasive leader.
Professor Milton

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What emotion is associated with the "palm to chest" gesture?


What is the meaning of the "thumb under the chin" gesture?


What nonverbal message is conveyed with the "chin rub" gesture?


What does it mean when someone rubs his or her nose?


What message is conveyed when someone touches their eyeglasses to their lips?


When a person looks over their eyeglasses, what message are they sending?


What is the impact of nonverbal communication in a face-to-face conversation?


Which of the following gestures is/are associated with lying?


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