Doing Business in Other Countries

Publications that provide detailed information on doing business in another country

Bizezia’s Online Business Library is number one in the country with a comprehensive collection of nearly 650 professionally written and informative publications that you can offer free to your clients and prospects direct from your website. These unique publications cover an extensive range of business topics from tax to marketing. The library allows you to add significant value to the service you offer to your clients and help you to build relationships with prospective clients.

Included in Online Business Library is are nineteen publications that explore the history, taxation, government, travel and many more things you would have to consider when doing business in another country. These page turning publications, along with many other publications included in our Online Business Library, can be made available from your website, with your firm’s branding. Click here to see the subscription rates.

It’s free to view our ‘Doing Business in…’ publications – simply select which glossary you want to read and click on the image to view it. If you subscribe to the e-library, it will appear as a portal on your website and your personalised details will appear on the last page of each publication, your logo and personalised message will appear on the front cover as well as at the footer of each page.
Please wait up to 10 seconds for the page turning publication to load.


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