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Russia imposes its tax regulations in Crimea

Zone(s): Russia, Ukraine ¦ Sector(s): Taxation

[24 June 2014, MSI Global] This article, by MSI’s Ukraine member Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm, looks at the recently introduced Russian tax regulations in Crimea.The self-proclaimed government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has decided to settle the issue of taxation during the transitional period, i.e. until January 1, 2015, by passing the Resolution of April, 2014 No. 2010-6/14 (hereinafter – Resolution).As a general rule, tax collection and payment, tax control, contesting tax audits and tax notifications are regulated in accordance with the procedures effective on March 17, 2014, unless otherwise provided by the Resolution. Yet, the Resolution did in fact introduce some considerable changes.