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CPA Profession Going Strong, but Facing Issues

Zone(s): USA ¦ Sector(s): Accountants
[12 June 2014, accountingTODAY]  By Daniel Hood, Las Vegas: The CPA brand remains “incredibly strong,” according to American Institute of CPAs president and CEO Barry Melancon, but the profession still faces challenges.  In a keynote address on “The State of the Profession” at the 2014 Practitioners Symposium and Tech Conference, Melancon and AICPA chair Bill Balhoff updated attendees on a variety of issues, initiatives, and regulatory and governmental developments that will affect the profession going forward.

Among the good news was the high reputation of the profession, and the value clients put on it. Melancon reported survey data showing that, among other things, 91 percent of business decision-makers are very or somewhat satisfied with the work of their internal CPAs, while 87 percent were very or somewhat satisfied with the work of their external CPAs. At the same time, 75 percent of them said that they would be more confident in work done by CPA than in work done by a non-CPA accountant.

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