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In 2012, 85% of trips abroad by EU residents were in Europe

Zone(s): EU ¦ Sector(s): Travel

[27 June 2014, Europa website] In 2012, 85% of trips abroad by EU residents were in Europe.  In 2012, EU28 residents made 1.2 billion trips of one night or more. Almost half of these trips (48%) were for holidays and leisure, 35% for visits to relatives and friends, 13% for business and 4% for other reasons. The average trip length was 5.2 nights. The most common means of transport for trips was private or rented cars1 (65%), followed by air planes (15%), trains (12%), buses (6%) and water vessels (2%).  Of the number of total trips, 76% were made within the country of residence (domestic trips), while 24% were made outside (outbound trips).

For these outbound trips, the main destination for EU28 residents was clearly Europe (85.4%), then followed Asia (4.5%), Africa (4.1%), North America (3.8%), Central and South America (1.9%) and Oceania (0.4%). More specifically, the top 3 destinations for outbound trips for residents of the EU28 were Spain, France and Italy.