Calculators and Evaluators

Calculators & Evaluators is an interactive suite of online calculators and questionnaires. It is designed to generate fee-earning opportunities through your website. It is the most comprehensive suite available today, with calculators on subjects as diverse as business, law, finance and taxation, and questionnaires on areas such as body language, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills.

These online Calculators & Evaluators will not only attract visitors to your site, but will make them stay longer and create a better perception of your business. You have a choice of 50+ online Calculators & Evaluators which are divided into Calculators (finance based) and Evaluators (questionnaire based). The addition of interactive features creates real fee-earning opportunities with the use of unique Lead-Generation Technology.


In today’s competitive business environment, accountancy firms must do everything they can to stand out from the crowd.

Calculators & Evaluators is a true differentiator: it underlines your knowledge credentials and brings new business to your firm.


What does your website say about your firm? Is it full of useful, attention-grabbing content or is it merely a static online brochure?

Calculators & Evaluators is a comprehensive knowledge resource which will make sure your website works hard for your firm.

Lead Generation Technology

Users can print and share results by email, export results to Excel and PDF and ask for an e-mail alert when there are updates.

They can also comment on the Calculator/Evaluator and suggest a new Calculator/Evaluator.


  • Choose from 50+ Calculators & Evaluators
  • Diverse range of subjects included
  • Online, on-demand delivery through your website
  • Choice of colours to match your website
  • No work on your part: all Calculators & Evaluators are updated automatically by Bizezia
  • Users can print, save or share results with friends and colleagues by email
  • Lead-Generation Technology drives users to contact your firm
  • No programming experience required on your part
  • No set-up fees – just an easy affordable monthly or annual payment option with a minimum 12 month subscription
  • Free support from Bizezia


  • Generate leads and earn more fees
  • Build existing client/customer loyalty
  • Attract and retain website traffic
  • Provide a useful knowledge resource for your clients and prospects


Calculators and Evaluators covers a wide range of topics, including:

Holiday Entitlement, Inheritance Tax, Retirement, VAT, Savings, Stamp Duty, Redundancy, Borrowing Risks, Business Growth, Data Risk, Budgeting, Starting a Business, Employee Satisfaction and many many more.

View the list of Calculators and Evaluators

How does it work?

Calculators & Evaluators appears on your website through a unique delivery system:

  • Installation is easy. Simply paste our HTML code into the website page of your choosing
  • A portal will automatically appear as a window on the page you choose (in a colour to match the rest of your website)
  • Through this portal, visitors to your website will access the Calculators & Evaluators
  • Visitors will print, save or share the results with friends and colleagues by email
  • When visitors have finished using the Calculator or Evaluator, they are given the opportunity to request more information from your firm

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re very sure that you’ll gain real value from Calculators & Evaluators. That’s why we have the confidence to guarantee it.

We’re so confident that you and your clients and customers will enjoy using the Calculators & Evaluators that we’re offering a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If, within 30 days of the start of your subscription, you tell us that Calculators & Evaluators is not for you, we’ll refund your full subscription, with no questions asked.

What’s more, if there’s a particular Calculator or Evaluator that you’re not happy with, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We guarantee that we will make it our absolute priority to ensure that the product matches our own high standards.

Read our product Licence Agreement


There is no set-up fee for Calculators & Evaluators, just an easy, affordable monthly or annual payment option with a minimum 12 month subscription.

All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

  • 1 – 5 calculators
    £10 a month / £108 a year
  • 6 – 15 calculators
    £25 a month / £270 a year
  • 16 – 25 calculators
    £40 a month / £432 a year
  • 26 – 35 calculators
    £60 a month / £648 a year
  • Over 35 calculators
    £80 a month / £864 a year


Video Tour

Happy customers

We are extremely delighted with the scope and quality of the resources which far surpass any of the other providers of similar resources that we have come across during our many years in practice. All the resources help enormously in our aim to be positioned as a progressive and modern firm of accountants who provide many services above and beyond the normal compliance work.


We have purchased all of Bizezia’s Calculators & Evaluators and find them to be fantastic value for money. I am very pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone who’s thinking of buying calculators to put on their website.



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