practice managementI found something new on Accountancy Age Insight. To refresh your memory, this resource allows accountants to keep up to date with the most recently added briefings to its online service. The latest is from Sage: Practice management: Winning new clients

Sage (or is it Accountancy Age Insight?) say that running an accounting or bookkeeping practice can be very demanding, and it can often mean juggling marketing and sales to keep the business growing. The duties and responsibilities of running a business are critical tasks that must be performed in order to gain new clients. However, these are usually not the core function of the owner at the outset and more often than not, these skills need to be honed and developed.

Sage’s whitepaper helps by looking at how your firm can expand its potential client base by improving marketing communications and widening its web presence.

You can download this paper from here. Registration is required.

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