Originally posted on 6 Jan 2014

In my earlier Blog, I referred to this test.

After research, I found that it is possible to complete the Kolbe A™ Index/Instinct Test online here.

A word or two about personality tests

IQ tests tell you what you can do. Personality tests tell you what you want to do… the Kolbe A™ Index measures what you WILL or WON’T do.

This quick and easy 36-question instrument gives you greater understanding of your own natural instincts and allows you to begin the process of maximizing your potential.

The guidelines for completing the Index are few and simple. Answer questions according to how you would naturally act. Don’t overanalyse. Don’t let anyone else influence your answers or interpret the questions for you. Choose ONE most and ONE least likely option for every item. The Kolbe A™ Index provides instant results. It is also the first step in the Kolbe MO+™ process.

Begin now and find the freedom to be yourself…

Martin Pollins
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