The Boot Camp team returns:  Paul Dunn to join Ric Payne again!

After 15 years Paul Dunn [pictured] and Ric Payne are again collaborating to continue the work they started more than 25 years ago. The Australian pair are widely recognised as having a trans-formative impact on the public practice arm of the profession around the world through their famous Accountant’s Bootcamp and are set to do it again.

Paul Dunn said “Ric’s been saying for years that the basic model of an accounting firm is broken and he is absolutely correct. Principa’s Practice Innovation Workshop is not tweaking it at the edges. He’s coming right out and giving people an innovative model — one that is relevant right now and will set the stage for a firm’s future. I have a personal commitment to finish the job we started. And that’s why I’m delighted to play a part in this breakthrough and very different programme. It is very, very exciting.”

Payne said “It’s so exciting to be working with Paul again. He has a gift for communicating complex ideas in a manner that not only makes sense but inspires action. That was the key to the success we had with the Bootcamp. The hyper-competitive environment that accounting firms will be facing in the future will be nothing like the past and the strategies that worked then are failing to deliver results.”

“This is industry evolution in action. It’s time to re-think the accounting services model and that calls for a new way of looking at how a firm creates, delivers and captures value which is what the Practice Innovation Workshop is about” he said.

“The four major issues facing firms now and in the foreseeable future are attracting, developing and retaining talent, learning how to innovatively use emerging technology and communication protocols to create value for clients and the firm, helping clients navigate an uncertain economic environment, and dealing with succession issues.” Payne said.

The Practice Innovation Workshop has already been attended by over 200 firms and has received rave reviews by participants. The next programme in the UK will be held in Birmingham, November 17-18.
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Come on, why aren’t you getting it yet?
Before you get delve into the gems in this article, see if you can find the time to view the latest product from the One Smart Team at Bizezia: Your Daily News. Think about how you can use it as part of your firm’s objective to keep in touch with clients and prospects. It’s a great marketing tool and all for less than the cost of a Big Mac each morning! Go here to discover more…

Marketing ideas from Marketing Profs

More marketing ideas and tips have been published by Marketing Profs:

7 Steps For Wi-Fi Security

From Industry Bulletins: Whether your employees are taking some personal vacation time or work-related business keeps them on the road, now is a perfect time to think about your company’s Wi-Fi knowledge. 54 percent of people are connecting mobile devices to free Wi-Fi hotspots, and 35 percent are doing so on a regular basis, but people aren’t taking the proper measures to protect their personal and/or company data along the way.

This article shares some Wi-Fi tips for best ways travellers can stay productive and safe while traveling or in transit. Download from here

UK: Large businesses under HMRC enquiry

From ICAEW Economia: Julia Irvine reported that HMRC is looking into the tax affairs of two thirds of 800 largest companies in the UK. According to Jennie Grainger, director general of enforcement and compliance at HMRC, 528 as yet unnamed companies, including a number of multinationals, are “under enquiry” after HMRC identified instances of possible tax avoidance and non-payment of taxes.

She told the audience at HMRC’s stakeholder conference last Thursday that although the number of large businesses being investigated was high, it did not mean that most of them were “on the make”.

“But it does highlight both the complexity of the international tax system in which they operate and our need to be very actively scrutinising how they negotiate their way through the system.” she said.

Editorial comment by Bizezia: HMRC’s strategy appears to be counter-intuitive to the idea of attracting large foreign businesses to operate in the UK: The last thing they’ll want is to spend time and money on HMRC enquiries.

Boost Your Customer-Centric Approach

Provided by Influitive: There was a time when campaigns were king and sellers were in control. Not anymore. Welcome to the age of the customer, which means big things for customer marketers.

Marketing success was once dependent on short-lived advertising campaigns and email blasts. Now it demands more engaging approaches that build strong, ongoing relationships and put the customer at the center of it all. That also means that the role of customer marketers has changed, and it’s now more important than ever. Chock full of insights, recommendations, and resources, The Rise of the Customer Marketer can help you better understand this fundamental strategy shift and how you can succeed as a marketer in this new age.

Download this FREE guide to learn:

  • The role of customer marketers, then and now
  • The challenges of customer marketers today
  • Key metrics for measuring the success of your advocacy and engagement programs

Why understanding Google Shopping should be your number one priority

In Business Matters, Luke Smith, Founder and CEO of Croud wrote: Modern retail marketing can be a minefield. Like countless others, when you think you’ve got to grips with the latest trend, software or technique, something new comes along.

Luke Smith “bets” you often read about changes to Google’s search algorithm to see how this will affect your campaign and maybe you spend hours researching RTB platforms to see which is the most effective. If you are a digital retail marketer I’m going to simplify things for you. Understanding Google Shopping should be your number one priority right now.

So what is Google Shopping? Simply put, it is the latest evolution of Google’s Product Search, or even more simply ecommerce ads that contain images alongside product descriptions, formerly known as ‘Product Listing Ads’. It allows people to find products and compare prices between different online merchants. The algorithm that supports this paid for model also factors in feed quality and structure, allowing merchants to influence the listings using SEO techniques, which makes it all the more interesting.

All of a sudden, Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is resembling a marketplace, not dissimilar to Amazon.

If a company understands how to get the most out of Google Shopping, it can provide one of the most impressive ROIs across all product advertising. In 2013, almost 6bn searches were made on Google every day and online sales hit the £100bn mark in the UK. With the SEO and PPC support on Google Shopping, merchants have great opportunity to position their products prominently and drive traffic to their site.
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Why 802.11ac “beamforming” might be the answer to your office wireless woes

From Smart Company: David Hancock, the founder and managing director of Geeks2U, a national on-site computer repair and support company writes: If you’re struggling with Wi-Fi black spots around the office, “beamforming” lets you target your signal where you need it most.

Wireless networking is one of the wonders of the modern age, letting you cut the cable as you roam around the office. While it’s heaven when it’s working at its best, Wi-Fi can quickly turn to a living hell if you’re plagued by reception issues.

There are a few basic things you can do to improve your office Wi-Fi coverage.
Read this article to find out more here

10 New Rules of Marketing Professional Services

In Hinge Marketing, Lee Frederiksen: In David Meerman Scott’s classic New Rules of Marketing and PR, he discusses the changes that have redefined the world of marketing.

Hinge Marketing decided to use the New Rules as a springboard to discuss the changing rules of marketing professional services.
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Six quick wins to convert web visitors to clients

In accountingWEB, posted by Robert Lovell who says: In this article, Alex Tucker, who leads the PracticeWEB marketing team, reveals six areas of focus that accountancy firms can increase the volume of leads and sales generated from their websites.

Speaking with Chris Hughes in a live webinar, Tucker outlined the following simple and practical ways to convert web visitors to clients [read the full article for the “how to” actions required]:
1. Optimise your ‘about us’ page
2. Mobile friendly
3. Trust symbols
4. Social proof
5. Think about forms
6. Call to action
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Shift work dulls your brain – report

James Gallagher Health editor, reported on BBC News website: Working antisocial hours can prematurely age the brain and dull intellectual ability, scientists warn. Their study, in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, suggested a decade of shifts aged the brain by more than six years. There was some recovery after people stopped working antisocial shifts, but it took five years to return to normal.

Experts say the findings could be important in dementia, as many patients have disrupted sleep. The body’s internal clock is designed for us to be active in the day and asleep at night. The damaging effects on the body of working against the body clock, from breast cancer to obesity, are well known.

Now a team at the University of Swansea and the University of Toulouse has shown an impact on the mind as well.

Three thousand people in France performed tests of memory, speed of thought and wider cognitive ability.

The brain naturally declines as we age, but the researchers said working antisocial shifts accelerated the process.
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Microsoft: Retail sales of Windows 7 and 8 ended

Microsoft has officially stopped selling retail copies of some versions of Windows 7 and 8.The date to stop selling the software was set some time ago and should help Microsoft move people onto more recent versions of its operating system. Separately, statistics suggest people are finally moving away from some very old versions of Windows.

The next version of Windows, called Windows 10, is due to be released in late 2015.

Old code
From 31 October, consumers could no longer buy copies of the Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate versions of Windows 7. Now, Windows 8 is also no longer available. The change affects both copies bought in shops or loaded on PCs and laptops.

The current version of Windows, 8.1, will be the default version offered on PCs.
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UK: VAT Changes – Planning for HMRC’s restriction in VAT recovery

Chantrey Vellacott report that following the case of the British Airport Authority (BAA) HMRC have updated their guidance in relation to the VAT recovery position of holding companies. This highlights HMRC’s increasingly strict and narrow view on when VAT may be recovered.

In determining whether VAT may be recovered HMRC will consider whether a holding company is a taxable person engaged in economic activity and whether there is a direct and immediate link with taxable supplies. The basic functions of a holding company, such as acquiring shares, disposing of shares, receiving dividends and defending its subsidiaries from takeovers do not, of themselves, give rise to the right to recover. A holding company must make actual taxable supplies, such as management services, if VAT is to be recovered. Alternatively VAT may be recoverable where a holding company is a member of a VAT group and it can be shown that the costs it has incurred are a cost component of taxable supplies made outside the group by its subsidiaries.
Read the full article to find out what do you need to do here

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