Probably the most significant event to take place this century, COVID-19 has not only impacted billions of lives around the world, but our behaviour, too.

Debrett’s have been comparing the ‘new’ etiquette with that of only a month ago. Some of the changes are arguably for the better, we cannot help feeling nostalgic for the good old days. Recently, Debrett’s (who know more than a thing or two about etiquette) published the following:

Old EtiquetteNew Etiquette
The double-kissThe distant wave
Crossing the street to greet a neighbourCrossing the street to avoid a neighbour
Calling once a week for a catch-upCalling once a day to check in
Giving up your seat on public transportGiving up public transport
“I hope you are well”“I hope you and your family are safe and well”
“Kind regards”“Take care”
Traveling to the other side of world for a meetingChanging your virtual background on Zoom
Dress down FridayDress down everyday

Debrett’s have published some more on etiquette: whether we’re shopping, exercising, or out and about in public, we can all keep calm and courteous by remembering a few basic principles:

1.) Make way for others: particularly wheelchair users, the elderly or infirm, and those with buggies or small children.
2.) Exercise (with caution): if you’re out jogging or cycling, the onus is on you to give others enough space. 
3.) Be patient when confronted with queues or other people browsing.
4.) Say thank you: to anyone who makes way for you – as well as to shop staff, of course.
5.) Smile

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