I have a small confession to make about an exciting discovery I made recently…

My company, Bizezia, publish a monthly business magazine called Better Business Focus. It’s been in circulation for nearly 15 years. It contains 25 to 30 articles written by authors from all over the World. The articles focus on how businesses everywhere can improve what they do and, as a result, make more profit, improve cash flow and make their organisations more valuable when the owners decide to hang up their boots.

A recurring theme in the articles every month’s publication is for businesses to be more customer-centric and in doing so, significantly improving customer service. It’s the Holy Grail to the Promised Land of riches and success and milk and honey.

Apologies, for I digress. You want to know what this has to do with the exciting discovery I made today, don’t you?

It happened when I visited the PC World superstore in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  For me, over the years, PC World has been the place to go for computers and software. Always a good selection on offer albeit in a fairly disorganized layout yet the prices always seemed to be about right. But there were several important things missing. If you wanted those missing things, it was best to go somewhere else such as John Lewis.

The missing ingredients at PC World for me were knowledgeable staff and a service culture. They were appalling at what they did. Enter a store, find what you’re looking for and then try to find someone who knew something about what they’re selling. It always took a long time. Sales people would say: “hang on a minute and I’ll find someone who knows.” Another long wait followed. You get the picture, I’m sure. You may have even experienced it yourself.


Chris, from PC World, Tunbridge Wells

But it’s all changed now. That is, ever since the merger with Carphone Warehouse was agreed.

Now, the store’s people are there when you want them. Not only that – they’re knowledgeable and they are very, very focused on customer service. Here’s a picture of the person who served me. I thank Chris for a thoroughly professional and enjoyable experience. Like Ron Kaufman (see below), he truly believes in good customer service.

There’s more to come from the merger, I’m sure: Dixons has more than 500 Currys and PC World stores in the UK and Ireland, whilst Carphone Warehouse operates more than 2,000 stores across Europe.

Ron K

Ron Kaufman, founder of the customer service training company, UP! Your Service

Good customer service and experience is an absolutely essential requirement today. Ask Ron Kaufman, who hails from Singapore and is a regular contributor to Better Business Focus. He says: “In a harsh global economy, great service is the price of admission. Companies whose cultures aren’t built around the ability and the willingness—no, the eagerness—to delight the customer won’t survive.”  You can read his latest article here.

If you would like details about Better Business Focus, click here or email me at mpollins@bizezia.com.

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