S&MmanifestoThe British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is demanding a transformation of the UK’s education system. They argue that young people are leaving school unequipped to succeed in the workplace. 

Yes, I know that we’ve had these ideas before but now the bandwagon is gathering momentum. “Although we believe that successive governments have failed our young people by not properly equipping them for their future careers, it is time to break away from the blame game,” says BCC president Nora Senior.

BCC say that:

  • The Government must use the tax system to encourage apprenticeships and the learning of foreign languages, a move which could boost exports.
  • Students should also have regular contact with employers, as part of a new programme of so-called careers education. The measures are part of a wider proposal, named the skills and employment manifesto.
  • Universities should work with Chambers of Commerce across the country to help ensure that higher education courses are relevant to future job opportunities, it says.

In a nutshell, the BCC plan includes recommendations to improve young people’s transition from education to work, boost employers’ investment in in-work training and help them to find skilled workers among the nation’s jobseekers.

You can download the BCC publication from here.

As an aside, I spotted a BIS press release yesterday about further education learners: average earnings. A BIS report presents emerging results from analysis of average earnings for Further Education learners, and guidance on the limitations on their use.

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