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Lone Working – what should employers do?

Many employers are unaware of the obligations that apply when they have employees who work alone. I have to confess that I didn’t know too much about the subject so I did some research and am happy to share with you what I found. First though, here is my...

The Economy – what’s next?

Last week, the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, said inflation in the UK could temporarily turn negative in the spring because of falling oil prices – it was reported here. Rising prices were always seen to be a bad thing – nobody likes to buy something...

Controlled Immigration Can Reap Rewards

Britain to become Europe’s top economy For some time now, the papers have been banging on about immigration. Control it say several politicians. Ban it altogether suggest others. Yet, the UK’s population boom could make it the EU’s top economy and once again become...

Yes or No to TTIP?

“It’s the biggest trade thing happening right now that most people know very little about.”Have you come across TTIP yet? It stands for the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership and it is on the lips of businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. Lee Williams...

The National Debt

We’ve done a lot of fighting and every time we go to war, the national debt goes through the roof. This article is about Britain’s national debt. It was prompted by an announcement that caught my eye last week that “Britain is finally preparing to pay off some of the...

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